4 Kinds Of Extreme Athletes And Their Dogs

Dogs are definitely an extreme athlete’s best friend. They are devoted, loyal, unwavering in their support, and adventurous. Some dogs are better adapted to certain athletic endeavors than others. Not every dog is even interested in the exciting life of an extreme athlete, such as adorable Yorkshire terriers, pugs, and other small dog breeds. Matching a dog breed to your lifestyle sports will give you the perfect friend and companion that will excitedly accompany you on any adventure.

Extreme Hiking and Backpacking

The person that enjoys backpacking knows he or she is exposed to the elements all the time. No comfortable motel room is waiting for the backpacker each night, and mealtimes are composed of whatever food you can fit into your pack. Your companion dog must be adaptable, energetic trainable, and full of patience. Bred by hunters to fetch felled gamebirds. Labrador retrievers are the perfect companion for the backpacker. They are energetic and will follow beside you in rain, snow, or hail. This beautiful dog is loving and devoted, and you couldn’t find a better hiking pal.

Extreme Trail Running

Trail running is a difficult sport for the average dog. Some breeds just aren’t fast enough runners, and others are highly susceptible to heatstroke. German shepherds are strong and suited for all weather conditions. This dog loves to run and will stay by your side, on or off the leash. The shepherd is a fast and agile runner as well as a loyal friend and protector, and has proved its worth both on the sheep ranch and the battlefield. Should you run into danger from a two- or four-legged aggressor, the German shepherd will sacrifice its own life to protect yours.

Extreme Skiing and Snowboarding

Many dogs prefer to lie around at home in front of the fire while you are out playing in the freezing cold weather. Bernese mountain dogs love cold weather and snow, and are right at home living in cold climates. This dog is sweet, playful, kind of goofy, and extremely affectionate. They do not make good watchdogs because they love people, even strangers. These dogs were bred to haul sleds and carry packs in the mountains. Strong, skilled, and easy to train, the Bernese mountain dog is a beautiful, loyal, and fun-loving breed that loves the snow.

Extreme Surfing

The Newfoundland is big, powerful, and an amazing swimmer. They are natural lifeguards and won’t let you drown. The Newfoundland is easy to train and has a friendly and lovable disposition. They are commonly used as therapy dogs due to their fast learning skills, gentleness, and love of people. The Newfoundland is the perfect companion for the swimmer and surfer.

Other dog breeds can also be great companions for the extreme sport enthusiast. You might check your local shelter for a rescue dog in your preferred breed before purchasing a pup. You might find the perfect dog is waiting and ready to go on your next adventure. Don’t wait to get out there with your perfect companion.