The Basics Of Testosterone Prohormones

Testosterone prohormones have a striking resemblance with the testosterone hormone itself. When introduced into the human body, these prohormones display the same effects as the male hormone does. They are powerful supplements and produce significant results in the areas of muscle growth and strength. Thus, these alternative forms of steroids leave the user feeling energetic. A few myths surround the use prohormones to achieve desired results.

The Myths Debunked

Prohormones are steroids. They are not a natural form of testosterone but fall under the same category. Where steroids are illegal, it goes without saying that prohormones are likely to be banned or controlled substances too. A consumer should fully understand the regulations put in place so as to avoid conflict with the law.

Why Take Testosterone Prohormones

The powerful supplements increase the synthesis and circulation of testosterone in the human body. The result thus resembles that of the male hormone, albeit more pronounced. One of the desired outcomes is an increased muscle mass to flaunt among peers and foes alike. Additionally, an increase in size goes hand in hand with superior strength. The other result is an increased ability to endure physically demanding and competitive activities such as sport. Besides, the supplement also quickens muscle recovery following an extraneous exercise. Some consumers desire the improved physical appearance due to the more cut out male characteristics. Some of these traits include a deepened voice, more facial and body hair, and better athleticism and performance. Moreover, prohormones have been used to boost sex drive in males with a low libido.

Unwanted Effects

Just like in steroid use, there are possible side effects following prohormone use. Some are mild while others may require medical intervention. For instance, one of the more serious side effects is liver damage. To avoid hepatotoxicity, the prohormones should be taken in cycles with a recovery period in between. Other ill effects include skin conditions such as acne, hypertension, hair loss, breast enlargement, dizziness, and headaches.

Best testosterone Prohormones are powerful supplements that produce similar effects as steroids; enhancing muscle growth and strength. It is important for consumers to have the basics of these substances beforehand to ensure safe use.