Nandrolone Tablets – Beware Of Online Stores Selling Counterfeit Steroids

Genuine anabolic steroids play a massive role in helping individuals to shed their body weight and increase muscle mass by increasing the metabolic rate of their body, causing it to burn accumulated fat quickly and convert into energy required for the body to work. However, one should be extremely careful and confirm the authenticity of a site before purchasing synthetic chemical compounds that replicate the action of metabolism boosting hormones secreted by the body. Illicit producers make these fake drugs and promote them as genuine. More often than not, these compositions hardly contain any active steroids and are simply used bottles of original drugs, refilled with tablets and pills containing inert binders, fillers, and carriers. In other cases, they decrease the potency of the drug and make a huge profit in the bargain. Take Nandrolone pills as an example. They typically contain 50 milligram of Nandrolone Decanoate, the active ingredient, per pill. Manufacturers of spurious steroids will use 10 to 20 milligram of that chemical. This means they are charging 80 to 40% more for their Nandrolone tablets. Here is a list of fake Nandrolone steroids that you should not purchase.
• Equipoise
• Oxytone 50mg
• Norma Hellas
• Halotestin
• Proviron
• Primbolan

This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are many more fake versions of the Nandrolone steroid available online. These pills, instead of helping you reduce weight and gain muscle mass, cause serious side effects to your body. It is difficult to understand why net savvy individuals do not bother to countercheck the genuineness of a website offering Nandrolone for sale before purchasing their needs from it. Here are some tricks that will help you identify sites promoting fake Nandrolone pills.
• Examine the label carefully, especially the date of manufacture. Fraudsters typically include the date of manufacture in the original label artwork. Manufacturers of genuine Nandrolone tablets use a stamping process (the print looks as if it is printed by a dot matrix printer) to print that information.
• Avoid pills and tablets sold in bottles even though authentic manufacturers also use this option for packing their drugs. Opt for tablets sealed in blister packs in which you have to pry out the tablet from an aluminum foil with a transparent covering containing 10 to 20 pills.
• Check the price. If it is too good to be true, you can rest assured that it is a fake.
• Examine the website of the vendor to verify whether they offer a `no questions asked money back policy,’ and whether they accept `cash on delivery.’ The latter option allows you to examine the contents and verify their authenticity before paying for it.

Eliminate your body fat today with legitimate Nandrolone

Instead of depending on fake drugs that can adversely affect your health, procure your requirements of either Nandrolone Decanoate or Nandrolone Phenylpropionate from trustworthy stores. The difference between the two variants mentioned above is that the latter is a much shorter ester (the half life of a steroid) than the former. The Phenylpropionate variant is also much stronger than the Decanoate. However, the overall action of both variants are the same as they both increase the metabolic rate of your body, allowing it to burn stored fat in your body and convert it to energy, allowing you to perform your daily tasks without fatigue, as well as providing you with a trim and muscular figure. You can search forums dedicated to steroids or bodybuilding to find details of trustworthy stores from which you can buy Nandrolone online. You should also read the articles posted on sites from which you buy Nandrolone as they contain a wealth of information including details about the diet you should follow to get optimum results from Nandrolone steroids.