Somatropin Tablets: The HGH That Works


Somatropin is artificially created human growth hormone. Growth hormones are one of the most important hormones that the human body makes. These hormones have to do with the overall well- being of the human body. Somatropin affects the fat, muscle, bone and organs of the body.

Somatropin was first created for medical use in the late 1950s for the treatment of short bowel syndrome, burn victims, Prader-Willi syndrome and HIV. The drug acts by sending signals to the body. These signals make the body increase muscle mass and fat reduction.


It is an anabolic hormone that is not known to produce significant growth in athletes. When taken with anabolic steroids, the effectiveness of the hormone comes out. Some of the benefits for athletes include:
1. Anti-aging: This is one of the most important benefits of taking somatropin. The drug works great with another human growth hormone that is also essential for recovery and bodily functions.
2. Recovery:  Somatropin steroid can help the athlete promote the recovery process during training. This process is when advancement is made in the training and the results may not be seen immediately. The drug helps the athlete recover quicker from strenuous exercises and prevents injuries to joints.
3. Metabolism: Somatropin is useful for the bodybuilder during the off-season or the cutting cycle. The drug helps in the breakdown of fat deposits and gives the body lean muscle mass that most judges look out for.

Somatropin is an anabolic hormone that is injected into the body muscle or under the skin. There are no somatropin tablets or somatropin pills. When administering the drug, the following steps should be taken:
1. Do not inject into the same place on your body twice in a row.  Find a different part of the body to inject the drug.
2. Avoid shaking the bottle as this can ruin the drug. Prepare to take the drug only when you need it.
3. Make sure the needle and syringe used are disposed of properly and used only once.
4. The recommended dose for athletic use is 6-8 IU per day for men and 3-4 IU for women.
It is a long term drug and the shortest time for the drug to produce the desired results is 8 -12 weeks. For a stronger effect, the drug should be taken for 4-6 months and indefinitely if used as an anti-aging drug.


Somatropin can be found easily as it is available both on pharmaceutical and black market. Somatropin is one of the most expensive anabolic hormones in the market. It is also one of the most counterfeited drugs in the market.

Getting to buy Somatropin will not be a problem but getting a genuine bottle is an issue. There are lots of low grade or contaminated somatropin bottles in the market. Retailers and dealer will have somatropin for sale but the best place to buy the drug is from a known pharmaceutical.

Anybody can buy somatropin online but will face the same risk of getting a fake or contaminated bottle. It is better to deal with reputable online shops or retail outlets. Also, getting referred will guarantee you get a genuine bottle.


Somatropin is one of the valuable anabolic hormones in the market and though more expensive than the other anabolic steroids, it is more readily available. The drug is essential for athletes and bodybuilders who want to take their performance to a higher level. It helps greatly during recovery and cutting cycles and with proper use, the benefits are outstanding. The gains acquired from somatropin remain even when the drug has been discontinued.