Intro To How Superdrol Tablets Works

Also called methyldrostanolone or methasterone, Superdrol is basically a commercial product containing the methyldrostanolone steroid. The anabolic steroid is quite popular and is among the most effective steroids out there. At a structural level, the steroid is essentially masteron without the ester chain. In the oral form, the steroid comprises a C-17aa modification that lets the steroid survive the initial pass via the liver.

History and Profile

Syntax Corporation is a pharmaceutical company that has been credited to have carried out research on this steroid. However, the research work didn’t translate into a prescription drug back then. Masteron (drostanolone), which comprised an ester chain, was the drug that saw commercial distribution. Though methasterone’s initial mention can be traced back to literature from 1956, it was a part of pharmacology for almost five decades before being rediscovered in 2005 and sold to the public under the “Superdrol” brand by Designer Supplements LLC.

As an anabolic steroid, Superdrol offers extremely hard and dry gains that become obvious after having been on the product for just two weeks. Muscle mass gains in the 15-30 pounds territory is quite possible with a 4-week cycle. Strength gains are also fairly noticeable, with the majority of users documenting a 15 to 25 percent increase in maximum lifts after having used the drug for just a couple of weeks.

Methasterone is a 17aa group oral steroid, which makes it extremely liver toxic. As the steroid was sold OTC (over-the-counter) for several years, there are several reported occurrences of individuals abusing the steroid by being on the supplement for more than four to six weeks (the recommended period).

Buying Superdrol

Till 2011, Superdrol for sale was quite common and people could buy Superdrol at will. The steroid was up for sale in most health food outlets. As no individual owns the molecule’s legal rights, ordering the raw materials was quite easy and there were no issues in the form of royalties or patents when selling them to bodybuilders. Consequently, several manufacturers started producing methasterone-containing products. Beastdrol and M-drol were popular clones of Superdrol.

Though it isn’t any more legal to possess or sell Superdrol in America, in its existing chemical structure, the drug’s chemical cousin still stays legal. The hormonal structure is referred to as dymethazine. The drug’s chemical structure basically comprises a couple of Superdrol molecules attached to each other by nitrogen, which causes alteration in the basic nomenclature. This technical difference is the reason why the drug is not called Superdrol. An extremely popular dymethazine product is DMZane.

Dosage and Uses

The recommended Superdrol daily dosage is 20 to 40mg per day, based on an individual’s body structure and requirements. Like the majority of oral steroids, Superdrol’s half-life falls in the 8-9-hour range, with users administering the drug up to four times a day for maintaining a stable blood level. The cycle is usually no longer than six weeks. However, Superdrol is among the most abused steroid out there, with some people stretching a cycle as much as 12 weeks. Most of these individuals end up with a devastating impact on their liver.

Superdrol and liver don’t go well together. In fact, the liver starts feeing the brunt right from the first day of Superdrol usage. However, there isn’t much to worry here since the issues aren’t major or irreversible if the cycles are cut short and the liver is given time to recover. Since supporting the liver helps decrease side effects, most individuals on Superdrol use N2Guard, a dietary supplement for individuals wanting a cycle that’s replete with positive, anabolic results.


As using Superdrol for a short cycle results in solid and rapid muscle gains and strength, the steroid is quite a favorite among bodybuilders who want a jump-start to their cycles. The anabolic drug lets them solidify their gains made from methasterone while still progressing on the strength front.

Superdrol has always had this reputation of coexisting or stacking well with the majority of injectable steroids or hormones that don’t have a c-17aa alteration. But remember, your liver cannot withstand another oral drug stacked with Superdrol. This is why, for bulking reasons, 19-Norandrosta 4,9 diene- 3,17 dione and Deca Durabolin are considered best stacked compounds. For cutting, trenbolone is ideal. Since the steroid is fairly difficult to breakdown, it’s not recommended to use Superdrol for more than four weeks.