How To Get Testosterone Tablets Without A Prescription

If you would like to Buy Testosterone Supplements for medical reasons, all you need to do is visit your local pharmacy or drug store with your prescription and pay for the product. Doctors usually write testosterone prescriptions for a number of medical problems, including; hormonal imbalances, delayed puberty, weight problems and sexual problems. However, doctors must first carry out a lab test to ascertain the real cause of the problem. If low testosterone is to blame, they will prescribe a low dose of testosterone to either boost or replace natural testosterone. The prescribed form of testosterone can either be an injection, pills or testosterone tablets. Whatever the case, regular use can effectively deal with the underlying problem. If you are looking for testosterone for sale for any other reason than those mentioned above, you cannot buy the product at your local pharmacy or drug store because they are required by law to carefully check the validity of every prescription before dispensing this drug.

Buying Testosterone Without a Prescription

If you are looking for the best testosterone supplements, you will have to shop online or search for the product on the black market. During your search, please remember that there are two types of products. There are testosterone boosters and testosterone replacements. If you have a serious problem that needs a quick remedy, testosterone replacements may be the best solution. However, if most of your problems are sexual, you can use natural testosterone supplements to try and boost natural production of the hormone. This is often the best option because you want the body to produce more testosterone naturally. Besides, testosterone replacements usually cause testosterone suppression. This means that you will need to depend on the testosterone pills for the rest of your life. After all, why would the body produce something that you already have an ample supply of.

Testosterone Side Effects

Testosterone is a steroid hormone, so it must have the same side effects as other anabolic steroids. This includes, as mentioned earlier, testosterone suppression. Secondly, these products can also destabilize your cholesterol balance, which means that your bad cholesterol levels will rise and potentially cause a heart attack or stroke. In addition to that, your skin and hair will always be oily. Severe acne breakouts will also be a common occurrence. Another common side effect of steroid use is hypertoxicity, which may cause liver and kidney damage. With extended use, you may also start losing hair. You will also have mood swings and increased aggression. That said, testosterone use has a wide range of benefits, which might make the potential negative effects worth it. Besides, there are many ways to mitigate the side effects, including;

i) Stacking

This is simply the use of several anabolic steroids and bodybuilding supplements at the same time to maximize gains and reduce the side effects. This is because different products have different side effects, some of which may cancel each other out.

ii) Cycling

This is the best way of mitigating the side effects of testosterone. It entails the use of testosterone in cycles. For instance, you can use it for about a month, then rest for about two weeks before continuing with the second cycle.

iii) Post Exposure Therapy

This is a strategy for reversing the side effects of testosterone use. You basically use testosterone in cycles. During the break, you must use certain drugs that are known to reverse the side effects.