The Fitness Benefits Of A Dog Park

Taking your dog to the park can help you meet a lot of your fitness goals. Not only does your dog get an opportunity to have a great workout, but so do you, as well as a great bonding experience. It gives both of you some time to grab some rays as well as some great cardiovascular exercise, and can help lift your spirits with more than just endorphins. It is also an excellent excuse to give your dog a chance to do some socializing. Just make sure to bring along some bags and a Frisbee and the two of you can have the time of your respective lives.

The socializing and bonding aspects are pretty obvious: Dogs are pack animals requiring some time with animals of the same species. Going to a dog park gives them a chance to reacquaint themselves with the rest of the species in a decidedly canine fashion however briefly. Also, any time the two of you can spend together doing some great exercise while playing together helps to strengthen any bond the two of you have as well as your role as pack alpha, at least as far as the two of you are concerned. Both of these help to diminish discipline problems later on.

At the park itself, the sunlight is always a good thing, especially given it is helps to build up the stores of Vitamin D in all bodies concerned. At the same time, the advantages to all of the muscles and bones is just as important: The exercise helps both of you build strong bones as well as stretchier tendons and ligaments, and helps build endurance as well. In the dog’s case, playing catch also helps to build stronger jaws not to mention your eye/hand coordination. The rough-housing that is sure to ensue is also good for both you, especially as physical contract helps build bonds as well.

All of this makes a trip to the park a great deal for your mental and physical fitness. Both of you get access to a great big lawn to play on, and that is never a bad thing. Do this for about an hour a day whenever possible, and the differences in both of you will be readily apparent, especially if you enjoy yourselves to the utmost. This is always a great deal, especially when you consider the price of admission is just a couple of plastic bags in order to make the local authorities happy.