Prostanozol The Winstrol Prohormone

Stanozolol commonly known as Winstrol is an anabolic and androgenic steroid derivative of dihydrotestosterone. It has a greater anabolic effect than androgenic effect as compared to other steroids. It is used during the cutting phases of steroid use to preserve lean body mass while reducing fat. Winstrol is used by both men and women. It is the safest steroid for use in women due to its lower androgenic effects. Apart from Winstrol steroid, winstrol prohormones are also available for use.

The most famous prohormone is Prostanozol. It was however banned and is no longer available in the market. It was banned in 2012 with criminalization of its manufacture, distribution, sale, possession and use. The prohormones can also not be imported from another country as this is still illegal. The prohormone is similar to Winstrol except that it lacks the methyl group that is present in Winstrol. The lack of the methyl group reduces the toxic effects it has on the liver. This also means it has a lower bioavailability which is a down side to people seeking faster results. However, there is an upside for the reduced bioavailability as the side effects associated are milder. It is therefore the prohormone of choice for beginners of steroid use.

Like its hormone counterpart, the prohormone, it does not cause the water retention associated with other steroids. It is mostly used during the cutting off season. It is therefore beneficial to people who already have bulked muscles but want to shed a little more fat while preserving the lean tissue. The cutting phase period is usually characterized by use of a calorie restricted diet. Use of the prohormone during this period leads to preservation of the hardened and defined physique with more fat loss.

For women, Prostanozol has larger effect on muscle bulking. This is generally because women are more sensitive to the effects of steroids as compared to men. The prohormone also gives fewer virilizing effects on women in comparison with other steroidal prohormones.

Despite the many benefits of Winstrol prohormones, the side effect profile and the abuse made Prostanozol to be banned from the market.