The Use Of Dianabol Prohormones In A Bulking Cycle

With the stringent laws governing the purchase, possession and sale of Dianabol, it became pertinent to create dianabol prohormones that were not illegal and still gave the same benefits. Perhaps the most common Dianabol prohormone is the M1,4ADD.

M1,4ADD was first created by Designer Supplements in 2005, and later other manufacturers took up its production. The active compound in M1, 4ADD is 1Methyl-1,4 androstenediol. This prohormone is legal for purchase and use. It is however a wet steroid as it leads to water retention in the body. It is also a methylated compound and as a result is harsh on the liver. Using liver support products is therefore necessary, as well as not prolonging its use to exceed the recommended cycle durations.

This prohormone should not be used by beginners but by advanced steroid users. It is a strong and potent anabolic steroid that undergoes conversion to Dianabol once it is absorbed in the body. Like Dianabol, it is normally used for a bulking cycle where mass gain is the primary goal. It is fast acting with visible results under 2 weeks. This prohormone however has a short half life of about 4 to 5 hours.

An M1,ADD cycle should last 4 to 5 weeks. Using it past the 5 weeks has no added benefit just more exposure to its side effects. The normal dosage range is usually from 90 milligrams to 120 milligrams, using more than this is also associated with more severe side effects.

Dianabol prohormone has been associated with side effects such as increased hair growth or hair loss, acne eruptions, increased levels of low density lipoproteins in the body, worsening of gynecomastia and increased aggression. However, water retention is experienced by all users. This is however necessary during a bulking cycle as it provides the joints and muscles with enough lubrication to prevent injury and provide for faster recovery.

As with most bulking cycles, post cycle therapy is required after the use of Dianabol prohormone. This is to make sure that Testosterone levels are returned back to normal while the side effects are controlled and the gains are retained.